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House of Outsiders is a D&D 5E campaign that takes place in the Grand Houses of Aetheros, the largest country in the primary continent of Aethella. Under the rule of the Emros Ascendancy, it was once the seat of power in the world. Now, a millennia since the Ascendancy’s collapse, the Houses have fallen behind the technological might of the Republic of Thorem, to the North, and the devout determination of the Principality of Calamus to the West.

Aetheros is a large country, with expansions of wilderness between settlements. Massive crystalline ruins and inert magical ley lines serve as a reminder of the Houses’ past glory as they try to remain relevant as an agricultural power in the early times of an industrial boom. Its position in the center of Aethella has led to a large degree of diversity amongst its population.

As tensions between Thorem and Calamus grow, the House of Outsiders strives to protect Aetheros from being swallowed up in the conflict.

You are adventurers in the town of Dalton, settled below Mt. Tallandril and the Naxen forest, in the northwestern region of Aetheros. Emrosian ruins are scattered deep within the forest, many re-purposed as monasteries for the local wood elf population. The territory is just one of many openly disputed by the prince of Calamus.

Home Page

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