Only one continent is known in the realm of Aethella. It is split into many nations.

The Grand Houses of Aetheros
- Setting for the campaign and the largest nation, known for it’s plentiful natural resources.

-Once seat of power for the Emros, scattered ruins remain

-Home to many races

-Polytheistic religion. Religion and deities are very personal, with most families having a shrine in their home rather than going to a temple. Prominent ancestors are often worshiped alongside more common gods. Great heroes are often added into the pantheon.

-Democracy, landowners (The House of Denizens) elect the Lords for their regions (House of Crowns)

-The House of Crowns appoints Knights to oversee their Lord’s laws. On a smaller scale individual towns have mayors and guards. How they come into power varies by region.

-The House of Outsiders controls the military and deals with diplomatic relationships between nations. This includes maintaining borders. Has their own version of Knights, Crusaders.

-The House of Materials regulates trade and business practices. Bound by the laws of Crowns and Outsiders, but finances the other houses of government.

The Principality of Calamus
-West of Aetheros, across the Teth Malor river (“Snake’s Back” in common)

-Artisans and craftsman. Have perhaps the largest economy in Aethella.

-Monotheistic religion, worships the Emrosian god, but the Emros themselves are considered very holy, like angels or demi-gods. Mystics, particularly with elven blood are thought to be descended from the Emros. A common nickname for them is “Diamondblood.”

-The Emrosian god’s true name is unknown, thought to be incompressible to mortals. In place of His name they call Him The One, but always with an adjective to describe Him. Common examples are The Majestic One, or the All-Knowing One. The adjective typically reflects the context. When talking about His absence in this realm, it’s common to refer to him as The Sleeping One. Those that do not believe in Him may use this naming convention as an insult, they may call him The Dead One, or The Imaginary One.

-The current prince is Elric Neron Calamus IX. Neron is his family name, every prince takes on the name Calamus. The Neron’s are half-elves, Diamondbloods.

-The men of Calamus take multiple wives. They must have a primary wife that’s of the same caste and race of them, but their secondary wives may be of a lower caste and different race.

-The Prince’s primary wife must also carry the Mystic bloodline. His heir is the eldest male born to his primary wife. Once his heir reaches maturity he takes the thrown. The father is then integrated into the church as an Archbishop. As there is no separation between church and state many consider this a promotion, although the responsibilities differ.

-Do to the lifespan of half-elves and elves there are often multiple Archbishops at once. The eldest is given the title of Pope and will often receive sainthood while still living. The Pope is considered by many to be an avatar of The Dreaming One.

-Although not a law, a prince who rules for over 100 years without producing a primary heir is expected to give up the throne to the next in line.

-Slavery is legal and the people are divided into a caste system based on their family, racial purity, and economic status


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